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Meet the Staff of Luxury - Performance Automotive Group

Luxury - Performance Automotive Group - Friendly Staff

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Beginning with that first step onto Luxury-Performance Automotive Group’s lot of luxury exotic vehicles and through the doors to our pristine showroom, your visionary senses will be overwhelmed and that awe-inspiring chill that every auto enthusiast knows all too well will take hold of you. Our friendly expert sales staff will make your experience at our dealership their highest priority using their abundant resources and knowledge to put you in the right car at the right price. You can be sure to trust the fact that they have done their homework on each and every vehicle and that their passion for these exclusive automobiles parallels yours. You will drive away in your new luxury vehicle from Luxury-Performance Automotive Group as the VIP you were truly meant to be while showing other drivers what a true buying and driving experience is all about. We are not in the business to just sell you a vehicle; we are here to fulfill your dreams. We understand the feeling of pride of ownership of this purchase and the consistent theme that comes with those that do. We will continue that theme with our quality service and will be here for next purchase. Thus, the name Luxury-Performance, where you will find both, not only in our vehicles but in our dealership and staff.

Rod Rifai - President

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Rod realized his passion for super performance luxury cars at an early age and through hard work purchased his first Porsche at age 17. There was no turning back, he was hooked and knew that this would be his life’s dream and career. That dream became a reality and after 30 years in the automotive industry, owning and operating multiple successful new vehicle franchises, he took it the next level. Rod’s vision was to create a dealership and staff that would consistently provide excellence and personal white glove service to our VIP guests and to make their experience the best possible. Rod finds it personally rewarding having not only placed first-time owners in their luxury vehicle but their children and their grandchildren as well. He is an advocate of charity, especially children, and is a supporter of the Arts. The showroom itself reflects mechanical craftsmanship and Rod plans on displaying fine quality art pieces available for auction to donate proceeds to charity. You will find not only his and his staff’s commitment to you but his sincere dedication to you and your purchase.

Joe Debesa - Finance Director

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Joe has been in the automotive industry for over 17 years. He has embraced the philosophy and commitments that it is his missions to not only satisfy your every need but to exceed them. The key to his success has been his relentless passion and drive to guarantee your ultimate purchasing experience with confidence and his sincere conviction to you and your purchase. He has developed friendships over the years from clients and their families which is a true testament to his sincere conviction that this is not just a sale but is a part of your life as well as his. Joe and Rod have worked together for over 10 years and that simpatico is reflected in how seamless your purchasing process will run. Like the finely tuned vehicle you will purchase is how they and the dealership run as well.

John Bonilla - Sales Manager

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John possesses over 15 years of management experience in the mainstream automotive industry. He is passionate and dedicated to delivering the utmost in customer service through excellence. His proven track record demonstrates that he has the knowledge, know-how and drive that only a seasoned professional can deliver. He is a highly respected sales manager within his ranks and is a results driven individual. His philosophy is to always exceed customer expectations whenever possible. He never forgets that the customer is the heartbeat of any successful business. In his personal life, he enjoys spending time with his children, fishing and exercising. He is truly a great asset to our team.

James Lazzari - Executive Sales Consultant

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Jim joined Luxury-Performance Automotive Group after the impressive dealership presence outside caught his eye and then, after walking into the showroom, he knew that this was exactly the level of sophistication he wanted to represent. Having over 20 years’ knowledge and experience with highline exotic cars, not only in sales, Jim has an extensive background with the integral dealings and development of marketing promotions and ad campaigns for well-known industry publications. Jim knows the business and these vehicles inside and out and is here to help you understand them as well. He will be able to answer any questions you may have and provide you with information you may have never even thought to ask. Jim believes in speaking directly and honestly and will never leave you without a doubt that your purchase is not without his personal commitment to your satisfaction. After all, he has built his reputation and business ethic on that value. During his 20 years Jim has had the privilege and distinction of placing world-renowned athletes and celebrities in their luxury highline vehicles and he is here to treat you like a first-class celebrity as well. VIP white glove treatment is not only a phrase but is the foundation for the experience you will find at Luxury-Performance Automotive Group and the reason Jim proudly devotes his service to you.

Leon Oxley - Service Manager

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Originally from Manchester in the UK, Leon has been in the exotic and luxury automobile industry since 1995 where he worked for Porsche/Audi for 12 years in the Washington DC area before joining Ferrari Maserati with the introduction of Maserati back into the US market. Leon believes the only way to manage a service department is with the philosophy of first class white glove service for a fair price to build lasting and loyal customers. Your luxury vehicle is not only your investment but ours as well and he will promise his dedication to each and every one with the utmost respect and courtesy that you deserve. Leon lives in Jupiter with his wife and talented son, a master trumpet player. Leon is the proud grandfather of his newest family addition, granddaughter, Millie. He is also a certified soccer referee so you if you are involved in the sport you may meet him on the field. If not, meet him with us here at Luxury-Performance Automotive Group. Leon and all of us here welcome you and are here to serve you with unwavering dedication.