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When considering a new luxury vehicle, it is always wise to include Lexus in your explorations. Since 1989 Lexus has been building a collection of vehicles that have earned top awards in design, performance, and reliability. When you climb behind the wheel of one of these automotive beauties, you'll begin to understand how Lexus has developed such a devoted following of proud owners with timeless shapes, intuitive engineering, and enough power to satisfy the hungriest motor enthusiast.

Can You Ever Get Too Much Luxury?

When seeking the ultimate in comfort, a Lexus vehicle will wrap you in hand-stitched leather with heated seats and driver memory settings. The F Sport packages included on many models includes sport designed seating, non-slip aluminum pedals, ambient lighting and tilt/telescopic steering wheels. Dual-zone automatic climate controls are centrally positioned to ensure the perfect temperature for you and your passenger. Every surface inside and out has been sculpted such that reaching for audio, lighting, and cruise controls located at your fingertips. Other available upgrades may include on-board navigation and Bluetooth technology that helps you to place hands-free calls from the cockpit. Your rear passengers may discover additional power outlets, power sunshades and enjoy the panoramic view of an open sunroof on a cloudless day. Puddle lights, illuminated side sills, and opera lighting help you find your way home after a night on the town. The Lexus LX has enough room for seven while never asking your passengers to sacrifice an inch of leg or elbow room. Second-row captain's chairs provide an executive environment when chauffeuring VIPs about town as the available premium Mark Levinson surround systems deliver crystal clear audio.

No One Said No to Power - Ever.

In each Lexus, you'll find sport-tuned suspensions designed to hug every twist in the road, limited-slip differentials, and a body that hugs the road. Your vehicle will arrive with a power plant tailored for a powerful and smooth performance. Should you be seeking a thoroughbred to add to your stable, the Lexus GS offers all the muscle and elegance you expect in a performance sport sedan with an engine that churns out well over 450 in horsepower. If you are seeking a more sedate model to fill the space in the garage, the Lexus IS still offers the F Sport edition able to bump up the excitement with adaptive variable suspension, performance braking system, and tailored body accents. When seeking a vehicle that supports the environment while catering to your love for everything bold and athletic, a Lexus Hybrid may serve to sate your appetite. The Lexus Hybrid family pairs its gas engines with an efficient electric motor that can provide that breathless sense of acceleration you expect in a traditionally powered vehicle.

Is it Possible to Fall in Love With a Design?

When cruising down the street, the Lexus is easily identified as a study in elegance and style. Each model features an iconic wide-mouthed front grille that wraps around into the side fenders creating an arc of automotive beauty. Its unique cluster of headlights creates an angular brow only found on its brand. Even when parked, it makes the vehicle appear to leap forward, ready to turn heads as the signature motor rumbles to life. Inside, the dash blends natural wood trim with brushed metal, each surface meeting the next in artful curves that invite the driver to explore. Meanwhile, ergonomic innovations such as head-up displays and steering-wheel-mounted paddle shifters encourage you to discover all the power each Lexus has to offer. Thoughtful, functional additions can include center console coolers and dual Blu-ray players and displays for rear passengers. Cup holders and USB ports are within easy reach.

When What's in a Name Matters

When you become a proud owner of a Lexus, you will discover that it's easy to fall in love with your new vehicle. Over the years the brand has become synonymous with reliability. Not only will you sit behind the wheel of a beautiful automobile, but it will also become a favorite friend always ready to embark on a new adventure or simply a turn about town. Lexus has collected numerous awards from the industry as one of the most reliable vehicles on the road.

Is Safety in a Car Important?

Along with innovations in style, Lexus integrates the latest technological advances in safety in each car or SUV that has rolled off the line. You'll find side-curtain airbags, rear view cameras, and tire pressure monitoring systems that work together to help you avoid accidents and injury. Electronic stability control on all its modes ensures the vehicle stays on track while assisting the driver when working through sudden maneuvers and uncertain road conditions. Available Parking Assist found on select vehicles can even help fitting into tight spots while avoiding obstacles. Take a premium ride out for a test drive, and then you'll fall in love with the Lexus.