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The Dealership Alternative

What Most European Motor Car Owners Don't Know About Independent Auto Repair Shops

Today’s cars, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Audi, Bentley, as well as Japanese and American cars, are equipped with an electronic diagnostic computer that tells your auto repair shop exactly what to do to maintain, service or repair your car.

That means that when you take your car in for repair, the shop you go to must have the factory approved, current diagnostic equipment, to discover the problem and be able to apply the proper fix to it. And, this software must be upgraded every year. Without this diagnostic equipment, you are flying blind.

The problem? Most independent auto repair shops cannot afford this equipment. You could almost buy a three bedroom house in Houston, Texas for what just one of these systems cost.

At Luxury Performance Automotive Group, we not only have the factory diagnostic equipment, we have several at each of our three locations, so your auto repair service can be precise, doing the job right the first time - and - so your visit can be as fast and convenient as possible for you.

To sum it up: Luxury Performance Automotive Group has the same diagnostic equipment as the dealerships, but without the high dealership prices. Call Us Today About Your Car!